October 20, 2010

on sunday i drove out to chilliwack to start making a batch of home brew wine with my dad, and i’m pretty excited if you want to know the truth. i’ve never made wine before and am looking forward to the process. also, we got one of the ‘premium’ kits, so im told it will be good.

I think one of the first times I drank home made wine was at a Seylynn Hall punk show back in the 90’s.
My buddy… or maybe it was me, stole a bottle from the parents. Sadly, we were young, and didn’t have the foresight to realize we needed a cork screw to open the bottle.
So I was pretty sure that if hit the neck to the bottle just right on that big rock over there, i could get a clean break and we’d be in business.

Needless to say, it was anything but a clean break.
Of course a few shards of glass weren’t about to stop us. It was a punk show after all.

anyway, while i was there i had to clean out some of my stuff i had been storing there. it was actually pretty cool.

like opening a time capsule

Old songs I had composed, old pictures I had developed in the dark room, old essays, old report cards and old love letters.

I dont know if you have ever sat on the floor in front of a ratty suit case filled with your life 10 years ago, but if you haven’t you should. it gave me an odd sense that that I’m getting older, and that I didn’t, as it turns out, stay 17 forever. but that would have suited me just fine. I was much better looking back then.

But it also reminded me that I am blessed and have a good life:

A dagger gifted to me by a poor, young man in the Philippines.

A foot peddle from a stand-up piano I demolished with a sledge hammer in Mexico.

A glass Coke Bottle filled with sand from Thailand

A goat skinned drum from Africa.

They were just a few treasures of my life that I’m glad I have held on too. Even if they were buried beneath the stairs for years.

so im working on just finding fun in photography again. part of that is is giving up some silliness. like, for some reason i have had in my heart an issue with those auto-vintage iPhone apps. i think a bunch of hipsters use them and think they are rather artsy for doing so.

but they’re not. they’re just hipsters.

any way, i came across one such app and have been having “fun” with it so what the hell, I don’t have to prove anything to you!




One Response to “retroactive”

  1. Conrad said

    these app pics remind me of my old kodak 126 instamatic
    nice pics – even the “old” guy with the hunting rifle

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