pink elephant.

October 14, 2010


No, I haven’t blogged in while.

Sitting in front of this WordPress template, desperately trying to remember how to do this again, I am reminded of just how much my life has changed in the last year.

got married

traveled to greece

moved into a sweet appartment

took a bunch of photo’s

That’s about where we left off I suppose.


I guess I should say that what photography was for me started to change. More or less I found that it had reached a tipping point where it was causing more stress than joy.


Doing photography as a profession, it would appear, is more than just pushing a button.

It’s Finding Work

Making deadlines

Doing taxes

making invoices

salvaging shoots gone terribly, terribly wrong…

or at least trying too.

Any way, I’m not here to whinge about what a hard go of it I had. I’m just saying I woke up one day and realized it wasn’t fun anymore.

And then I cried for a month.

Ok not really…


Anyway, when I got over my little pity party, I did what any normal person would do.

Decided to become an accountant.

No… seriously. I signed up for, and was accepted in to CGA program. Of which I have yet to fully understand why.

I dropped out as quickly as I joined.


Now. Now is still being worked out. It’s actually happening at the moment if you really want to know.

With ‘photographer’ tossed haphazardly into the storage room along with pastor, producer, and musician I’m back to the drawing board.

I was really tempted right there to say “the proverbial drawing board” but then I realized, I hate it when people say that sort of crap.

That’s the sort of stuff stupid people say to try and sound smart.

I don’t want to try and sound smart. It’ll give people the wrong impression.

Anyway, you’re probably so board by now that you’re starting to think that doing that “thing” that you’re procrastinating doing (you know the one) couldn’t possibly be as bad as listening to this tosser go on for another minute. So i’ll be merciful and wrap this up.


For the time being I’m content taking some time to figure things out. Might go back to school, we’ll see.

As for photography I’m on a personal mission to fall back in love with it. In fact, I’m just starting to realize I need to fall back in love with art, creativity, and spirituality. I kind of think I need to remember who I am.

You might not realize this but my emotions are flat out dictated by the music I listen to while writing these things.

For example, some inspirational, moody, contemplative song was just playing.

Hence the random tender moment we just shared  three lines ago.

photography needs to be fun. i also want it to be personal and mean something, not just a product that I hope will sell. so i got back out there this week and got personal with my pictures. They should be different.

It’s good to be back.






3 Responses to “pink elephant.”

  1. A bit of encouragement… it’s totally worth it to take the time to find out. I’m 42 and recently left my job of 17 years to change direction. The most important skill you’re learning now, imho? That it’s okay to make that kind of change. You might just need to know that later 😉

  2. Jordan said

    Thanks, Adam. I think I needed to read this as much as you needed to write it.

  3. michelle said

    loved reading this adam. wonderful post about figuring it out. i love that you are finding photography again and all those parts of it that you once loved. come visit and lets go find some wonderful things to take photos of. bring that lovely wife of yours.

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