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April 6, 2010

“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

– Oscar Wilde

For a couple of months I had been planning a shoot with my friend Tony. He needed some pictures for an Easter sermon he was preaching. We had come up with a fairly elaborate idea, but when that day came to shoot, it all fell apart. There was a whole slough of reasons it just wasn’t going to work out like we had planned it, some good reasons, some bad. But it didn’t really matter anymore, we just had to come up with something new.

We sat down on the day of the shoot and started from square one. We decided to start with the premises of making the shoot a realistic endeavor, using only what we had at our immediate disposal. And it actually became one of those situations when the limitations of the situation became very freeing and we had a great shoot.

I haven’t shot a lot of conceptual photography before but I hope that will change. It was such a great way for me to re-engage my craft and push my own limits. And I love what the outcome was. Let me know hat you think.



9 Responses to “labels | Vancouver Photographer”

  1. Rebecca said


  2. kseverny said

    thats quite cool really

  3. Alicia said

    I love that last one. Very cheeky.

  4. Joshua Krueger said

    I really like the picture’s Adam. Was this off the white pull down paper from the window because it looks very professional. I also like how the pictures convey a lot of meaning; even without hearing the sermon I think I have an idea of what the theological points were.

  5. deb said

    unsure if this was intended, but the halo-effect produced from the first image really helps set a symmetrical tone – order amidst the chaotic sticky notes…i like!

    the material of his shirt in the fourth image has a sort-of satiny look to it…a nice use of material/lighting to communicate transformation.

  6. Found these very effective. In fact, the first three are actually painful for me to look at.

  7. Thanks for all the feed back every one, much appreciated!

    Deb: that ‘halo’ effect is certainly intended. You cant see it in the picture, but there is actually a little flash set up behind Tony’s head pointing at the backdrop that creates that effect.

    Josh: it is non-other than the infamous windowsill backdrop! Getting alot of mileage out of that.

    The first picture is really inspired by an image shot by Platon of President Clinton. I like that one and the third one the best. Tony really pulls off the ‘lifeless’ look when he needs to!

  8. becklo said

    The entire set of photos make him come across as a guy I could hang out and grab a burger with.

  9. Avery said

    Labeled with labels…great stuff. I really like the series of Tony. Him tossing the last label wouldn’t be the same without that perfect look on his face.

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