olympic peninsula | Vancouver Photographer

February 23, 2010

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”                     – Robert Louis Stevenson

I had been wanting to do a trip for about two months. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, I didn’t want to be gone long, and I didn’t want to go far. I didn’t even really care where I was going.

I just wanted to go.

Not to get away from anything, but I just really felt like I wanted an experience. I wanted to do something different, I wanted quiet, time to think, reflect. And of course, take pictures.

I decided to go to the Olympic Peninsula, a gorgeous national park on the west coast of Washington State Park. Part of the experience was the road trip. It turned out to be about an 8 hour trip one way, all things considered. I loaded my Golf up with camping and photography gear and set out at 4am last Wednesday. And it felt good to drive hard for 8 hours.

Another part of the experience was camping. I used to camp a lot, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I had been before this trip. Proud moments included:

1. Setting up the tent all by myself (and in under an hour!)

2. Starting a fire from mostly damp wood

3. And going mano e mano with a cheeky raccoon the first night.

All in all, it was a great trip. Sometimes just giving yourself the time to think long and hard is the best thing you can do. Now, I’ve just started editing some photo’s from the trip but here’s a taste. I also shot a few rolls on my Holga which might make their way up here some day

This shot was from the first night, on Ruby Beach.

It was cold as a cucumber, but quite pretty.

And as serene as this picture might look, it was sheer chaos behind the lens.

Every second the light changing

Every moment the tide moving further out.

Constantly adjusting settings, moving, composing and re-composing.

Being caught off-guard and getting drenched by a rough wave.

Hand shaking and shivering , lips turning blue, toes going numb from the cold.

And finally realizing its pitch black… and you can’t remember which way you came from.

So you gather your gear, and start singing old hymns at the top of your lungs to warn the cougars and bears, (that you’re praying aren’t really there) as you run back to where you think you parked the car.




11 Responses to “olympic peninsula | Vancouver Photographer”

  1. its beautiful adam. really stunning. the moon is just a brilliant finish. i have looked several times and each time the photograph looks more beautiful than the last time i looked.

  2. Carly Turner said

    this is stunning! i love the colours and the tiny fingernail tip of a moon. the water looks so calm, like it might almost freeze over.

    sometimes it’s awesome to get away by yourself in an unknown atmosphere. refreshing! 😀

  3. Thanks guys! Ya, landscapes aren’t really something I shoot a lot of, but I’d like to try and do some more of it. It’s a very introverted type of photography. Sometimes its nice to not have to talk the subject through the shot. Then again, it would have been nice to tell the setting sun to “Hold it, right there, dont move! Wicked!!” Or “Ok, we don’t really need the wind and cold right now so you guys can take 5”

  4. deb said

    how ironic that the Olympics were taking place in Vancouver, and you went away for a different Olympic experience…

    gorgeous photo.

    i am man…hear me roar…

  5. dave said

    brilliant man – nicely done!

  6. Fantastic photo Adam…almost looks like another world…another planet.

  7. That is one sweet sunset shot! :O

  8. Andrew Stock said

    I like this photo Adam. I like how it is very equally balanced in how from the center to the top and bottom the color fades to dark blue; almost identically on the top and bottom.

    I’m kinda new to the whole blog thing and have been getting a little obsessed with the whole world of blogs. Since you write a lot about photography, you should check out Steve Macurry’s blog (stevemccurry.wordpress.com) particularily the article called ‘Don’t Wait For the Phone to Ring.’ He’s one of my favorite photographers and I think you’d enjoy his work.

  9. you are so inspiring. what a great thing to do…might just have to grab the tent and take to the highway now…for no other reason then for the experience!! miss seeing you around and your wonderful music.

  10. Thanks Kathy! it was an amazing time, i’ve been wanting to do something like that again. I need to get a tent though!

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