matt and amanda engaged | Vancouver Photographer

February 10, 2010

So how about these Olympics eh? Couldn’t step outside my front door without getting run down by a torch bearer. Seriously though, today is the first day it really feels like the Olympics are here. And I have to admit…

I felt a little excited.

I have had mixed feeling about the Olympics in the past, but the closer we get to them actually happening, the more I find myself looking forward to them. And they are going to happen one way or another, so I might as well have a good time eh?? Anyway, the 2010 website is worth poking around in, lots of fun stuff going on.

But not as fun as engagement shoots with an awesome couple.

not even close sucka.

Great locations, great weather, great people. What more can you ask for in a shoot?

I’ve known these crazy kids since back in my college days (ya… waaayyyy back). And my lovely wife has known Amanda since they were wee lass’. Both held prominent roles in Alicia’s and my wedding as bridesmaid and head usher. I’ll let you figure out which was which.

Bottom line: great people, lots of fun, love this shoot, stoked to shoot their wedding. Thanks you guys for being amazing! Stay classy.



2 Responses to “matt and amanda engaged | Vancouver Photographer”

  1. deb said

    this was a shoot that just got better as you kept scrolling down. nicely done!

  2. alaugh said

    I love your pictures–they’re beautiful!

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